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But the action is not completely one-directional. The initial sense of fast upward momentum is countered, stalled for a moment, by the shift in line four. Where it had been the world falling away in the previous line, now it is the image of the depths of a pair of eyes—eyes looked into —which causes a sensation of vertigo, commonly understood as dizzy and downward sensation.

All of this is compressed into eight short and relatively simple lines.

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The subject matters of the 42 poems in this collection vary—some are more lyric, others more spiritual, and still others satiric—but their procedure is recognizably that of a single sensibility. Here is a poet who favors both simple imagistic compression, using for his images mainly the materials of the natural order though here and there an automobile or an elevator will appear , and the dynamic expansions and shifts of perspective made possible by inventive juxtapositions. The final effect, of the individual poems as well as of the book, is of an outward movement, at times that of slow natural growth and at other times of explosion.

It is a momentum of possibility, opening out. When I had finished reading and pondering, I turned to see what Octavio Paz had written in Cambridge, Massachusetts in —just down the road from where I am now, but nearly 40 years ago. Zaid is a religious and metaphysical poet, but also—or rather therefore—a poet of love. In his love poems, poetry functions once again as a force with the power to transfigure reality.

As I wrote, I had not known Zaid—but as his poetry has confirmed for me, we live by moving forward, enlarging our compass. He will publish his tenth book next year with Graywolf Press. El libro es corto, como los poemas. Un ejemplo:. Y su frase viene a cuento si se habla de la obra de Zaid.

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El poema nos deja como en vilo, vacilantes sobre nuestro eje. Esto es diferente. El modo es imperativo.

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No lo sabemos. Y no estoy seguro de que ello importe.

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Tal es, si puedo generalizar, el estilo de Zaid o, para abreviar, su modus operandi. Se trata de un momentum de posibilidades, de apertura. Como podria proponer para publicacion en Literal la poesia mas reciente del poeta cubano Jorge Enrique Gonzalez Pacheco, poeta reconocido internacionalmente. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Subir globos llenos de besos. Cogerse desesperadamente. Ser arrastrados por el viento. Soltar arena, perder peso. Nueva York en bicicleta.

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Entre la magia y la tragedia. Manual para enamorarse. Gente parida, gente escrita: El libro de Ana, de Carmen Boullosa. Los puertos son el paisaje en movimiento donde se mezclan los exoticos perfumes del mundo, donde se honra la memoria de los naufragios ocurridos y se pronostica el paradero de los tesoros por encontrar. Nada es estatico,nada es definitivo en un puerto: las historias entran y salen como los buques y sus tripulantes, como las mareas y lo que estas arrastran.

Y angeles mastretta lo sabe. La autora de mujeres de ojos grandes, arrancame la vida y mal de amores se vale en este libro de relatos cortos y contundentes como tempestades en alta mar, y de vinetas veloces como cormoranes en vuelo, para hacer de cada lector el tripulante unico de un barco que se acerca a puerto guiado por la confiable luz de un faro en medio de la noche.

Hay en El cielo de los leones el deseo de contar el mundo para bendecirlo. Andar en la vida es irse de parranda en busca de sus mejores instantes y de cada instante como el atisbo de un milagro. Como en las viejas historias orientales, una mujer se propone salvar a otras mujeres del olvido, ganarlas para la persistencia y el recuerdo, y escoge para eso el arte que la naturalidad y la constancia le han dado: el arte de contar.

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Mujeres sorprendidas, sorprendentes, fotografiadas en el instante decisivo: Mujeres de ojos grandes. She claims that her father — a journalist in her youth — inspired her to be a writer. She attended the center and was able to work on her writing abilities along with other authors such as Juan Rulfo, Salvador Elizondo, and Francisco Monterde.

She is well known for creating inspirational female characters and fictional pieces that reflect the social and political realities of Mexico in her life.


Mastretta began writing as a journalist for a Mexican magazine, Siete and an afternoon newspaper, Ovaciones. In , she received a scholarship from the Mexican Writers" Center. Mastretta really wanted to focus on a novel that she had been thinking about for years. She finally got her chance to work on this novel when an editor offered to sponsor Mastretta on a six-month leave of absence, allowing her to focus solely on writing.

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As a result, Mastretta was able to focus more on her fiction-writing passion. The film of the same name and based upon the novel was released in September These stories of women who "decided their own destinies" became the inspiration for Mujeres de ojos grandes Women with Big Eyes. The publication — autobiographical narratives based on each of the women — was intended to preserve the stories for posterity. Back to Profile. Photos Works. Main Photo Add photo. School period Add photo. Career Add photo. Achievements Add photo. Membership Add photo. Awards Add photo.

Other Photos Add photo. Connections Add photo. Puerto libre Spanish Edition Los puertos son un no-lugar y, al mismo tiempo, todos los Mujeres de ojos grandes A feminist glance about the life of women in Mexico writt Maridos Spanish Edition Los protagonistas de estas estupendas historias conjuran