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Make It Easy On Yourself (Lyrics) - THE WALKER BROTHERS

Make it Easy on Yourself The Burt Bacharach Forum is a board to discuss the music and career of composer Burt Bacharach and performers associated with his songs. Post Reply.

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What is your favorite version of Make it Easy on Yourself? For me, The Walker Brothers -. Another great live version is included in a hit records medley on "Hot, Live and Otherwise" on the Arista label.

Review: Burt Bacharach – Make It Easy On Yourself 1962

THe live version by Dionne in is nice as well I say this because his was the first version I ever heard and so I associate the song with him. Of course, Dionne's version which I heard later on in life is fantastic, too. But the great Jerry Butler's version was already hard-wired into my system and hard-wired into the memories which, as you all know, become associated with the songs we hear. Not too long ago, Jerry Butler was on that PBS show where they had a lot of the stars of that era on singing their hits.

I can't tell you how great he and the orchestra were and how the song showed itself to be the work of art that it is.

Why self-doubt is enemy number one for creative people.

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