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A variety of cars is included, from the V-twin Morgan Three-wheeler to the 8-litre, quad-turbocharged W Bugatti Chiron, ensuring a lovely variety of sounds.

Culture, Character, or Both?

Treid and tested on a three-year-old, this is a proven hit with budding car nuts. While the tale is very much aimed at school children, we imagine parents will get a chuckle from the car-related puns the authors have sprinkled throughout the pages. Plus, it also has pre-made holes for the seat belt buckles — meaning you your pet can still wear a safety harness when the cover is in place.

The Amazon Fire Kids tablet could be a handy tool for parents with young children to have on car journeys. With 32GB of storage and a hour battery life, it should keep kids occupied — and hopefully out of mischief — on long car trips. There is, however, more to like about it than motoring programmes: you can control your satellite box and soundbar with it, and because the built-in Alexa assistant is voice-controlled, no remote is needed to switch channels. The built-in speaker and microphone also let you turn down the lights if you have smart bulbs and check the weather before going for a drive.

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Noise-cancelling tech and its ability to be clipped to a sun visor help improve sound quality when making and answering calls, and voice commands are help streamline the initial setup process. You can even use the Jabra Drive for other tasks, such as streaming GPS navigation instructions from your phone. Parents after a versatile child seat they can use for years to come may want to consider picking up a Joie Every Stage. All parents know just how much space is required for any trip in the car, no matter how far.

The best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts

Taking up much of the boot will be the pushchair,which is why the gb Pockit range is so great — it folds down to just 27cm x 43cm x 58cm, and can be done with a single hand. Age Birth to 17kg approx. Keeping the kids hydrated en route to the in-laws is important… as is making sure you avoid spillages in the back of the car. By far our favourite Nextbase Series 2 cam is the flagship GW, which can transfer video files for safe keeping to your smartphone, automatically start recording if it detects someone driving into your car while parked, and even let the emergency services know your location in the event of a crash.

With Alexa integration, you can also control it with your voice.

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Your little girl or boy let us not be accused of reinforcing gender stereotypes can hit the road with this camper from the hit L. Looney Tunes and slot car racing sound like an unusual combination, but it works surprisingly well in this entry-level Scalextric set inspired by the popular cartoons. Plus, as you need to remove the roof to fit the seats and the Rex Dasher figurine in the car, the Playmobil toy also gives us a glimpse at what a Porsche Taycan Cabriolet could look like — if, that is, the car maker has any plans to make such a machine.

While the plastic case is a bit different this time around, Top Trumps claims the batch of 30 cards are near-exact copies of the ones that came with the original set; sporting the same artwork and stats from when the pack made its debut on store shelves nearly 30 years ago. As well as being the console home of racing games such as the new Forza Horizon 4, the Xbox One X is also compatible with many Xbox and original Xbox games, including older racing titles such as Grid Autosport and Driver: San Francisco.

Twenty years after it landed on the original PlayStation, Crash Team Racing is back on store shelves, thanks to a high definition remake of the kart racing classic.

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While its graphics have been thoroughly modernised, and some new tracks and karts have been added, the Nitro-Fueled remaster is a faithful remake of the original game, meaning veterans of the original Crash Bandicoot-themed kart racer should have no problems getting to grips with the re-release. You need to give DiRT Rally 2. The last few licensed Formula 1 games have been great, and F1 continues that trend of being a must-own game for fans of the sport.

Greta Thunberg, an environmental activist from Sweden, speaks to politicians, the media and guests at the Houses of Parliament about the climate. No matter how hard scientists work, our impact will almost always be limited to our immediate academic circles if our results never catch the attention of those who have the power to act on them.

These people are often policymakers — local, state or central-government officials who write laws and regulations, craft budgets and govern communities. But effective collaboration requires strong communication.

A different way to a degree

The policy world can be tricky to navigate. Institutions can seem impenetrable, and decision-making is often opaque. Fortunately, simple strategies can help scientists to communicate effectively with policymakers. Know who you want to reach.

Perhaps your research shows that overflowing storm drains are harming a nearby ecosystem. Your best partners might even be outside the government. Have clear and actionable recommendations. Providing specific recommendations makes it easier for your audience to act. Specificity also prepares you to defend your recommendations by forcing you to think through the details.

The Best Books of 2018

Your suggestions should be feasible. Every government body is constrained by its mission and budget. Finally, remember that making recommendations is not the same as advocacy. One of the most valuable roles a scientist can have is laying out likely pros and cons of different policy options. Repackage your work. A new audience demands a new format — one that is accessible and understandable.

  1. Blue Ribbon Dick: a graphic non-conventional sex story for adult readers!
  2. The Golgotha Legacy.
  3. 1. Pick a domain name (and get that domain name for free).
  4. The Blood Cake Vendor and Other Stories;
  5. Wie Blumen im Winter: Roman (German Edition)!
  6. Communicating science to policymakers: six strategies for success.
  7. Consider synthesizing your key findings and recommendations into a two-page policy brief that can be distributed easily in person or online. Former US president Barack Obama met with traditional fishers near Dillingham, Alaska, as part of a trip in to call attention to climate change. Write well. Conversations and presentations are great ways to introduce a topic, but policymakers will want a written product to react to or to share with colleagues. Organization, brevity and clarity are more important than wit or style when it comes to policy writing. State your key points first, then provide more explanation.

    Make sure there is a clear one-sentence takeaway in the very first paragraph. Add headings to separate sections, and use visual cues, such as bullets, to draw attention to key points. Define technical terms and spell out acronyms. Above all, get someone else to read your work. Communicating your science to friends especially non-experts is the best way to get better at communicating your science to policymakers. Pick your moment.